The IKV T'Mar
Tacoma, WA KAG Demon Fleet

We meet the Second Saturday of each month at 3pm in pizza parlors, laser tag arenas, member's homes, etc. except where it conflicts with a convention or other event.

For more information on meeting location, contact Cdr ChonBey.


  • Commanding Officer:
    Captain BeTaj sutai-HIchop jay
    Keeper of the ship's Targ
  • XO and Communications:
    Cdr ChonBey sutai-HIchop jay
    1-253-318-2473 please call only after 7pm or on the weekend
    Contact ChonBey

Email or Call if you are interested in attending our meetings or if you are interested in using us for a charitable event or community service. We have about a dozen fully costumed Klingons, and have other costumes such as Mad Scientists, Pirates, etc. We are also in touch with other ships and individuals who are willing to help, too.

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