The IKV T'Mar
Tacoma, WA Independent Klingon Vessel


IKV T'Mar yearly dues are $10, coming due at the meeting after Norwescon. Dues for new members may (or may not) be prorated, depending on our mood. }};[)> We are nonprofit and this does not completely cover costs.

Benefits: The Honor and Glory that comes with performing your Duty; award pins for events; and a laminated IKV T'Mar color ID badge with your ugly Klingon mug on it. Photo services, printing, and lamination are provided by Polymorph Digital Photography.

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What is expected of you:

It is expected that as a member of an active fan club you will become properly costumed. Klingon is good, civilian wear or uniformed. Federation members may serve on our crew but you'll be expected to do more than just wear the tunic with tennis shoes. Other alien races welcome, not limited to Star Trek. Our primary purpose is volunteering. Assistance may be provided by other members in getting you properly outfitted.

You will comport yourself in a manner befitting a Klingon. A Klingon is respectful of those who deserve respect, civil to those who don't, does his duty with gusto, and does not embarass his crewmates with his behavior or appearance.

I can't stress this enough: Politics are forbidden aboard the IKV T'Mar! Don't make me use the <BLINK> tag! Ask for clarification if you need it.

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