The IKV T'Mar
Tacoma, WA Flagship of the Stormrider Fleet of KAG


The IKV T'Mar meets on the 2nd Saturday of each month at Farrellis Pizza at 3pm. Please contact ChonBey before attending a meeting, just in case the meeting place or date has changed. 253-318-2473


I uploaded our Fanfilm that one First Place and Best Actor at Radcon a few years ago, Klingon Academy Recruiting, to YouTube. I also uploaded a few videos from the Live Greenscreen Demo I did at Rustycon. They are rough, done in 10 minutes or so without proper masking.

An abbreviated list of our past events:

Costumed Community Services and Charity Activities:

Costumed Activities:


  • Anglicon - Casino, Game Show, Panels.
  • CascadiaCon - Casino, T'Mar Travelling Party.
  • Norwescon - Game Show, Klingon Culture Panels, Batleth Demo, Themed Room Parties.
  • RadCon - Casino, Klingon Culture Panels, Costuming and Fanfilm Making Panels. Masquerade Best Workmanship. Fanfilm 1st Place, Best Actor in a Fanfilm. Travelling T'Mar Party.
  • Rustycon - Casino, Game Show, Klingon Culture Panels, Costuming and Fanfilm Making Panels. Fangroup Guests of Honor. Travelling T'Mar Party.
  • Star Trek 40th Anniversary Celebration - Costumed Security Volunteers.
  • Westercon - Casino.


  • Attend and assist at Events and Parties for other clubs.
  • Noncostumed work parties for seniors in need.
  • Retirement Homes - noncostumed volunteer Thanksgiving servers, live music
  • performances, grounds cleanup.

Norwescon 22, Year 1999 Official commissioning of the IKV T'Mar into KAG. Picture taken just after the official commissioning of the IKV T'Mar into KAG.

The IKV T'Mar formed about 6 months prior to Norwescon 22. My hunt for pictures of early meetings goes on. If anyone has that Tacoma News Tribune article from the Soundlife about the gallery over The Antique Sandwich Factory that mentions the IKV T'Mar, please let me know, I'd like to scan it.

Some miscellaneous images of the IKV T'Mar- Props and such made by crewmembers

You will often see members of the IKV Deathgrip from Seattle in our pictures, members of her crew used to journey many miles to take part in our events. The Deathgrip's XO even made a cool Banner to use for a link to us, check it out on their "Links" page.

The IKAV Raptor and IKAV Dark Destroyer have been coming up a lot lately to help out at our events. These Honorable Klingons travel many hours (3 or more!) to assist at our events.

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