The IKV T'Mar
Tacoma, WA KAG Demon Fleet vessel
Honor before Glory; Duty before Honor

Hey, check it out, we were the Fan Guests of Honor at Rustycon! We're also doing the QonoS Edition of The Weakest Link, and we'll have 4 or 5 games in the Rustycon Casino.

The IKV T'Mar is a Community Service / Klingon Fan Club. Open to those 21 or older, or under 21 if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. We are centered in the Tacoma area with members from Seattle, WA to Portland, OR. We are a group of Science Fiction fans dedicated to establishing a positive presence in our community through volunteer service and fund raising activities. We make ourselves available to visit hospitals, schools, movie premiers and book stores - anywhere we can help.

In character and costume, you may have seen us running the Tribble Toss game at the local MDA Summer Camp on VIP Day or participating in toy drives. We volunteer in the annual Multiple Sclerosis Walk-a-Thon, the Heart Walk, and the Walk for Life. We can often be seen on KBTC-TV during their pledge drives for PBS. We encourage a safe Halloween for kids by handing out candy at the SeaTac Mall. We play laser-tag in costume against all comers. We have been recognized in several local papers for our achievements.

Out of costume (but always a bunch of characters), at Thanksgiving we volunteer as servers at a local retirement home so the residents get to see new faces and the regular serving staff can be with their families. We sew Christmas stockings and quilts for those less fortunate.

We make most of our costumes and prosthetics, and many of the props and medals we carry were handmade by members.

A creative bunch, you may also spot us as Mad Scientists or pirates, or characters from other science fiction TV or movies.

The motto of the T'Mar is: Honor before Glory; Duty before Honor.

For more information on joining T'Mar, our up-coming activities, or enlisting our help for a community project or fund raiser, please call us at 253/318-2473 or e-mail me.

We meet at Farrellis Pizza on 6th Ave in Tacoma, WA on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 3pm. Who among you has the heart of a warrior? Call 253-318-2473 before the meeting to confirm location and just case it has been rescheduled.

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